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This is my story  2023-12-11T04:14:38+00:00

This is my story

I will make a very long story and journey as short as I can. I am James Kuck Co Founder of My Media Pal.

I had a love for business and financial freedom at a very, very young age.

I was the kid going to the book fair in elementary school to buy a Lamborghini poster to visualize and dream about the path I was about to embark on.

I was obsessed with financial freedom.

If I sat here and wrote everything I have tried, created, been through, and implemented this would be a novel.

I won’t do that to you. Instead, I am just going to talk about how I established the position I am in now and what made me start investing in Digital real estate.

I made my first dollar online about 12 years ago from an affiliate commission. My mind was blown.

I first heard about Internet marketing through a good friend about 13 years ago. At that time I was running my own small local construction business.

I was struggling with certain core bottlenecks in my business to help scale to the next level. Capital, good employees, and most importantly generating quality inbound leads.

Once I got a taste of what was possible online I jumped fully down that rabbit hole.

I have bought course after course and absorbed as much information as I can.

My partner Arvin and I launched My Media Pal in 2011 and started a digital marketing agency selling services to small businesses.

About 7 years ago we started to develop more of the local lead generation approach.

Selling leads with rank and rent and through affiliate opportunities.

We recently made a major shift and this blog was born as a learning hub for anyone looking to learn how to start an online business, SEO, invest in digital assets, and become a real digital landlord.

I contribute content covering SEO strategies, tools, tutorials and reviews to help you as an online entrepreneur become a productive, focused unstoppable internet marketer that can scale with confidence and align you with the right opportunities.


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